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Oxnard Shower Installation

As a household amenity used by everyone on a daily basis, showers ought to be kept at peak condition. So if your shower unit has significant damage or mold, or hasn’t been giving your family the convenient and relaxing experiences they deserve, then it’s time to call a Oxnard shower installation specialist. Call Bathroom Renovation today!

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Our specialty is maximizing the comfort, convenience, and accessibility of your shower with modern products and materials, and with outstanding installation services. Our process involves obtaining all necessary information from our clients, such as their special needs and desired experience in their shower systems, during a free initial consultation.

That way we can provide bathroom solutions that fit clients’ needs perfectly. We make sure that our construction process is thoroughly controlled and perfected and that we only use top-notch tools and raw materials that are sure to last.

We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas during our free consultation. Talk to one of our bathroom specialists today so we can begin work on your Oxnard CA shower installation as soon as possible.

Call Bathroom Renovation today at (661) 417-0646 for your Free Consultation with a Oxnard Shower Installation expert!

Wide Shower Entrance

A shower entrance with a width specially made for your convenience can be a game-changing experience. This will make entering and exiting the shower very easy not just for you but also for people with mobility issues, such as the elderly, children, or people with medical conditions.

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Instead of relying on a glass enclosure to separate your shower space and bath area, it is more convenient and cost-effective to widen your shower entrance and add high-quality curtains to create the division for you. This will be better for people of all conditions and abilities. Another accessibility upgrade is installing shower benches instead of removable seats.

Don’t think that you have to sacrifice style to get accessible shower features. With Bathroom Renovation, you can still have a modern and attractive bathroom with amenities and accessories that improve it’s safety and convenience. With the expert recommendations of our bathroom specialists, you can be confident that the products you choose to put in your new shower unit will be both highly functional and elegant.

Handheld Shower Head

walk in tub hand held shower headA handheld showerhead significantly increases the ways you can enjoy flowing water while you shower.

Without making too many body movements, you can get water all around your body with this accessibility feature. You can even use it while sitting on your shower bench!

For people with medical conditions that can make standing difficult, like arthritis, recent injuries, or joint pain, a handheld showerhead will be very beneficial.

Shower Control Panel

bathroom shower remodelAt Bathroom Renovation, we consider the anthropometrics, or the measurements of the human body, of our products even in the smallest of details—like how high or low your shower controls are.

To make sure that you can regulate your shower flow without putting too much strain on your body, we perfectly place your shower control panel in a position that is not too high nor too low considering all the users in your home.

Anti-Scalding Device

No one wants accidentally heating water up to scalding temperatures. To avoid this dilemma, we can add an anti-scalding valve to your shower system to balance the water pressure, even when someone else in the household flushes the toilet or turns on the dishwasher.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

Oxnard Shower Installation new shower installation 300x192Another great safety feature to add to your shower unit is non-slip flooring that will help avoid slipping and falling accidents that can potentially cause grave injuries to your family members.

Our non-slip flooring comes in a wide variety of designs, colors, textures, and sizes. You can choose the one that best suits your personal preferences, so you can have a safety accessory that also satisfies your style.

Rest assured that with Bathroom Renovation, all our safety and accessibility products are high-quality acrylic that resists damage and mold to maintain their peak style and function for years to come.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Oxnard Shower Installation LBlogo 300x71At Bathroom Renovation, one of the best ways for us to truly satisfy our customers is by making sure we get everything right as early as our initial consultation. Tell us about every need you have for your shower system, whether it’s minor changes or full-scale makeovers. We have all the tools, resources, and experts ready to work with you to achieve the shower of your dreams.

You won’t go wrong with a top-notch Oxnard shower installation, brought to you by the best bathroom remodeling company in town, Bathroom Renovation.

Call Bathroom Renovation today at (661) 417-0646 for your Free Consultation with a Oxnard Shower Installation expert!